A fine fitness bromance – with no kisses!

Unfit Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire estate agent gains fundraising brownie points, as TV Presenter brother convinces him to do a first time triathlon!

It must be tough to have a brother who’s so super fit, who thinks nothing of cycling hundreds of miles just for fun – and who also happens to host a well-known, primetime, TV show! But that hasn’t stopped Thomas Morris estate agent Simon Bradbury, who up until recently, admits to being renowned for his smoking and drinking antics. 

Instead, 52 year old Simon, has gone from getting out of breath just by climbing the stairs, to doing rigorous training 6 days a week! Simon’s been swimming like a fish in Kempston lakes, cycling in St Ives like a wannabe Bradley Wiggins and running like a gazelle in St Neots! This all started when Simon’s brother Jason Bradbury, set him a mission impossible for August 3rd, should he choose to except it…