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Raffle Terms and Conditions


First Prize £3,000

Second Prize £500

Third Prize £250

Closing Date: 29th June 2022

Draw Date: 30th June 2022

Just £1 per ticket

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The following are the terms and conditions of the Magpas Air Ambulance charity raffle. By completing your ticket stubs and/or accompanying form, you agree that you have read and understood these terms and that they will apply to and govern your participation in the raffle. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, you should not accept them, in which case you will not be eligible to participate in the raffle.

  1. These Terms and Conditions are the rules of the Magpas Raffle (herein known as the “Charity”) Raffle. By joining and playing the raffle, the entrant is bound by these rules.  You may not accept all or any part of these rules, and your participation in the raffle will be cancelled if you reject any or part of the following.
  2. The Charity runs a raffle as the sole beneficiary after prizes and expenses. All profits from the Charity Raffle are used to fund the charity’s work. The raffle is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005 Remote Licence No. 033615-N-3150-46-003
    Ancillary Remote Licence No. 033615-A-332719-001
  1. The Charity wishes to conduct its raffle in a fair and responsible way and endorses responsible gambling. We will review the terms and conditions six monthly and update them as required by law from time to time. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules and will publish any changes 28 days in advance on the charity website.
  2. The responsible person is Daryl Brown who may be contacted at the address at the end of this page. The responsible person is not eligible to play the Charity Raffle.
  3. To enter the raffle you must be aged 18 years of age or over. The Charity will, where appropriate, carry out checks to verify this requirement if necessary.
  4. You therefore represent and agree that:
    a) You are 18 years of age or over.
    b) You will not buy or purport to buy an entry in this raffle on behalf of anybody under the age of 18
    c) You will provide accurate entry information, including your name and personal address
  5. You agree that you shall not be entitled to receive any prize if you are unable to confirm to the Promoter your representations under paragraph 6
  6. Should a prize winner be found to be under the age of 18 we will refund their money and withhold the prize, additionally the charity reserves the right to reclaim any prizes issued in error.
  7. Entry is open to all residents of the UK but excludes: The Charity’s Chief Executive Officer; or employees of Telebank (the third party directly involved in the administration or management of the Raffle).
  8. Entry costs £1 per play, payable in advance, by Debit Card, cash, cheque, or Postal Order as listed on the entry form. The maximum number of tickets is 50 per person.
  9. The Charity is not liable for any lost, stolen, delayed, incomplete or illegible entries, nor for any delays in the banking system. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery. Any money received after the closing date will be accepted as a donation.
  10. The Charity may (without giving any reason, at its discretion) decline to accept an entry, terminate or suspend the raffle.
  11. The raffle draw will be conducted on 30th June 2022, or if this isn’t possible, on the next working day and will be witnessed by two people. The closing date for entries is 29th June 2022 at 5pm. The draw takes place at Telebank, 126 Fairlie Road, Slough, SL1 4PY which is a Gambling Commission approved, third party test house. The results of the draw are final.
  12. The Charity reserves the right to postpone any raffle draw for a period of no longer than 14 days; in the event of an emergency. Details of any postponement will appear on the charity website
  13. The winning numbers will be published on the charity website no later than 14 days after the draw has taken place. To request a list of winners please contact the responsible person or the raffle office on 01480 371060.
  14. There are no alternatives to any prize except where stated and no interest is payable. Prizes are non-transferable.
  15. Winners will receive their prizes by cheque or bank transfer no later than ten working days after the draw has taken place, addressed to the details of the player held by charity on the day of the draw. Winners do not have to make a claim and all prizes will be paid automatically. All winners will be notified by post.
  16. Any uncashed or unclaimed prizes will be deemed as a donation to the Charity after the period of six months.
  17. All participants in the draw are responsible for providing the charity with up to date contact details. The charity will not be liable for any loss caused by the failure of the entrant to inform the charity of any changes or errors to their details.
  18. If we’re notified that a participant in the raffle is deceased, the charity will use all reasonable efforts to contact the estate of the entrant. If the charity is unable to contact the personal representatives of the entrant, it will hold the funds for six months from the date we became aware the entrant was deceased. After this time, the funds will be deemed a donation to the charity.
  19. The personal representatives or executors may contact the charity to claim the funds at any time during the six-month period and, as long as they can provide any information the charity reasonably requires, the charity will then refund the funds.
  20. All monies received as advanced payments will be held in a ring fenced bank account prior to each raffle draw being made and won’t be applied to any other use than that of funding entries into the draw prior to the draw. In the event of the society becoming insolvent no guarantee is given that refunds will be made. Further information can be found at
  21. The Charity will comply with all of the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR) requirements to protect your personal data. Any individual has the right to request information held about them. To gain access to this information, please contact the responsible person for the lottery at the end of this document.
  22. The Charity’s Complaints and Disputes Procedure forms part of the Charity Raffle Policy and Procedures document, which is available via the Charity website and which will be made available to customers upon request by calling our Raffle Office on 01480 371060 or by writing to the responsible person at the address below.
  23. If you’d like to be excluded from future charity raffles, please use the online self-exclusion form available via the charity website. Alternatively, you can also contact our Head Office to be sent a Self-Exclusion form on 01480 371060 or via email at
  24. The Charity would like you to gamble responsibly. The Charity’s Responsible Gambling Guide is included in its Lottery Policy and Procedures online at
  25. If you feel you have a problem with gambling, visit begambleaware.orgor call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.
  26. This raffle is subject to the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the English courts.
  27. In 2021, the likelihood of winning a prize was, on average, 1 in 33,800 in our seasonal Raffles dependant on how many tickets are purchased.
  28. In our Christmas 2021 Raffle the breakdown of costs was as follows: 7% Prize, 13% Postage, 2% Design, 17% Raffle Services, 17% Admin, 44% to the Charity.

Responsible Person & Promoter:

Daryl Brown

Magpas Air Ambulance
Centenary House
St Mary’s Street,
PE29 3PE

Telephone 01480 371060

Registered Charity No. 1119279
Gambling Commission License Number, 000-033615-N-3150-46-009
Ancillary Remote Operating License Number: 000-033615-A-332719-001