As St Neots’ local Air Ambulance charity, Magpas Air Ambulance regularly respond to emergency calls from St Neots and surrounding areas.

The Magpas medical team, which is always made up of a senior doctor and critical care paramedic, are activated to the most serious medical emergencies in the region. Following an extremely difficult year for the charity, working 24/7 through the challenges of the pandemic, the St Neots Town Council has showed Magpas Air Ambulance some incredible support.

In March 2021, the Town Council granted £5,000 to the charity to help them continue to provide St Neots with lifesaving care when their residents need it most. Helping people like Pam…

When Pam, who lives in St Neots, badly broke her femur, it was Magpas Air Ambulance who came to her rescue. Pam recalls, “I was at my daughter’s house making a cheese sandwich when her cheese loving puppy, Blue got under my feet and I fell over him. I remember thinking ‘that was close’ as I saw he was fine and no harm had been caused. It was only when I looked at my leg and the angle of my foot that I realised I was far from right… As the pain set in it was excruciating and everything became a blur.”

Pam’s daughter, Sarah, describes “It was immediately obvious from the shocking position of Mum’s leg that it was a very serious injury.”

Magpas Doctor Rupert and Critical Care Paramedic Dan flew to Pam. Like all of the Magpas medical team, both clinicians are specially trained in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine which means they can provide treatments and procedures at the scene of their patients’ incident which are usually only available in a hospital.

Sarah continues, “The Magpas Air Ambulance medical team were brilliant with Mum, very professional and reassuring. They sedated her and straightened and splinted her leg right there on the kitchen floor, before travelling with her in the ambulance to hospital too so she could get the further care she needed.

“As a family we are incredibly grateful to the Magpas Air Ambulance team who helped Mum, they were amazing and we were very fortunate that they were available to help her so quickly.”

Thanks to the specialist skills of the Magpas medical team, Pam made a complete recovery, and even went on to win the charity’s Christmas raffle last year!

Lucy Chapman, Magpas Air Ambulance’s Director of Fundraising, sums up “Pam’s story highlights why Magpas Air Ambulance exists: to bring hospital level care quickly to the patient, to save lives and maximise the chances of a good recovery.

“After a tough year for fundraising we’re so grateful for St Neots Town Council’s incredible support.

“Magpas Air Ambulance is a charity powered by donations from the communities we work in. If you can support, whether that’s by playing our raffle like Pam, making a donation, playing our lottery, or taking part in a fundraising challenge, please do. It’s only with you, that we’re able to save lives.”