Magpas Air Ambulance are excited to have two of the family shortlisted in the Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence this year.

Magpas Critical Care Paramedic Sally Boor has been announced as a shortlisted nominee for ‘Air Ambulance Paramedic of the Year’. Sally’s dedication to the medical profession is nothing short of inspirational as she continues to strive to improve patient care in any way she can. There are many strings to Sally’s bow, from being a CCP with Magpas Air Ambulance for over 7 years, working with EEAST Ambulance Service, was an army reserve for many years, in the RAF for 4 and a half years and spent 3 months in Afghanistan with RAF MERT too. In her time as a paramedic; she has seen thousands of patients, delivered advanced life support to people across the East of England and far beyond, saved lives and kept families together.

Now, while still working as a medic for Magpas, Sally has also embarked on a new type of lifesaving journey with the charity; teaching the local community the vital skill of CPR and defibrillator use. Sally has led the way in making the sessions exciting and interactive – putting her own enterprising, unique and slightly kooky stamp on it.

In her first few months in the role, Sally has already taught over 900 people how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator, with her students spanning from the ages of 3 to people in their 70’s. She’s provided training in evenings and on weekends, attended huge community events, developed her own media opportunities and has even brought her two young kids with her if she’s had to. And above all, people are coming away feeling confident they could perform CPR if they saw someone who needed it.

Magpas Critical Care Paramedic Sally teaching Hearts Matter

The second shortlisted nominee comes in the shape of our wonderful volunteer Iain, who is up for Volunteer of the Year, following his extraordinary work with the charity over the past year.

Iain is an extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and personable volunteer. Despite battling constant debilitating health conditions, Iain has aided the charity greatly in many different areas. His biggest achievement to date though, is the instrumental role he played in Magpas Air Ambulance’s database evolution (completely overhauling the old system and getting it to work in a way we need it too). Ultimately his work has allowed the charity to progress much quicker than we thought possible and saved tens of thousands of pounds in the process!

Lucy Chapman, Magpas Air Ambulance Director of Fundraising sums up, “Iain’s desire to help and his extensive knowledge has benefited Magpas Air Ambulance in a way we could have never anticipated. Iain has been able to fill a vital gap in skills, that we needed for the continued development of the charity. He’s also saved us time, money and helped grow our ability to fundraise more effectively. Iain is as dedicated to helping Magas develop and succeed as the rest of the team, he genuinely seems to love volunteering for us and coming into the office – and all the office staff love having him. He is well and truly part of the Magpas family.”

Magpas Air Ambulance volunteer, Iain

The awards ceremony will be held on Monday 18th November and we’re wishing them both the best of luck.