Magpas Air Ambulance Doctor Anna

Like many of us this year, Magpas Air Ambulance Doctor Anna won’t be spending Christmas with her family. But it’s not the Covid-19 pandemic preventing her from celebrating the festive period with loved ones. Dr Anna is part of a team of specially trained clinicians that provide the region with emergency medical care every day of the year – including Christmas day.

For Magpas Air Ambulance and its team of Doctors and Paramedics, Christmas comes at the end of the most challenging year in the charity’s history. Despite this, the determination to continue to save lives has meant the Magpas medical team have been on the front line every day providing the people of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties with the highest level of emergency care when lives are in danger.

Dr Anna, who usually spends Christmas with her daughter and granddaughter, is the senior doctor on shift at Magpas Air Ambulance this Christmas Day. She explains, “Working in emergency medicine means I’m no stranger to working on Christmas Day. I’ve found that the people you see that day are the most severely ill or injured, whether that’s due to medical emergencies or poor mental health, they’re people who really, really need your help. Our actions and skills make a huge difference to people’s lives – not just for our patients, but their loved ones too – and that always feels particularly poignant on Christmas Day.”

Although Dr Anna is working Christmas day it doesn’t mean she has had to miss out entirely, having already eaten Christmas dinner with her family over Zoom. She continues, “Although I’ll miss waking up surrounded by loved ones and getting to watch my granddaughter’s face as she opens her presents, doing this job and having the skills to help the most vulnerable people who are having the worst day of their lives, is something I love doing. The feeling you get when you really make a difference; that’s what gets me through the hard days.”

Anna and the rest of the Magpas Air Ambulance team are able to provide this lifesaving service because of the people that support the charity. Lucy Chapman, Magpas Air Ambulance’s Director of Fundraising sums up, “We’re so lucky to receive fantastic support from the communities we work in. This year has been extremely hard for everyone and the loyalty and commitment of our supporters has been humbling. We’re truly thankful to everyone who’s donated and fundraised this year, because of you Magpas Air Ambulance can keep saving lives and keep families together this Christmas.”

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