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“I was watching him slip away” – Zac and Ruth’s story

Magpas Air Ambulance give the very best emergency care, in the air or on land, including treatments normally only available in hospital. Our service operates 24/7 and, on average, answers 4 emergency calls for help a day.

Oakington based Ruth knows all too well the life changing difference the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team can make. Her son Zac was just 6 years old when she watched him have a seizure and stop breathing in a swimming lesson.

Mum Ruth describes, “I was watching him slip away. But I remember the doctor and paramedic running across to us in their bright orange, lifesaving uniforms.

“The people around us told me it was Magpas Air Ambulance. As soon as the Magpas medical team got to us, they really listened to everything I had to say about my son.

“I remember how they explained, step by step, exactly what they were doing whilst they treated my little boy and why. They started giving him oxygen and I watched the colour start to return to Zac’s cheeks. To stop his seizures they gave him a lifesaving drug right there, and if we had had to wait for it, I’m not sure I’d have this 11 year old that I’ve got today – and he’s a great boy.”

These days, Zac’s circumstances have improved beyond measure and he’s made a great recovery. Ruth sums up by saying, “I am grateful every day to all who support this charity and give their money to keep this vital service going. Thank you all. Don’t ever stop.”