Mr Davies presenting Gaby with the cheque, alongside his neighbour Denise

Gaby Wells is a 17 year old A-level student from Huntingdon. Just over 3 years ago, she was diagnosed with hEds which means she constantly struggles with severe joint pain and dislocations, especially of the hips; so much so Magpas Air Ambulance have been called to her 5 times in her moment of need. Most recently flying to her at her school after she fell down a main flight of stairs and suffered a serious dislocation to one of her hips.

Remarkably, earlier this year, Gaby set herself the task of running a total of 1,000 km to help raise funds and awareness for Magpas Air Ambulance. She explains, “Exercising for me is always a challenge, but it also gives my mind something different to focus on, which usually takes my mind off the pain that I am always in. I love running; I have always enjoyed being able just to put my headphones in concentrate. It helps me because my condition needs physio and running plays a big part in building up all the muscles around my legs, which in turn strengthens up the muscles around my hips.”

Following an article about Gaby’s challenge that was featured in The Hunts Post, St Neots based Mr Davies called Magpas Air Ambulance’s fundraising team out of the blue. Mr Davies explains, “After reading about this local girl and her challenge to raise money for Magpas, I thought it was such a good idea.

“Magpas Air Ambulance was always my late wife, Jennifer’s, charity. She played the lottery for years – something I continue to do for her – and the proceeds from her funeral all came to Magpas too. When I saw Gaby was almost at her target I rang up the fundraising team at Magpas Air Ambulance and pledged to donate £1,000 to the charity when Gaby reached her 1,000km; all on behalf of Jennifer.”

Gaby soon smashed her target and recently visited the Magpas Air Ambulance operations base to celebrate, alongside her family, where she met Mr Davies and received his kind donation on behalf of the charity.

Mr Davies continues, “I’m only in a position to donate this money thanks to my wife, and what a wonderful legacy it was for Jennifer to leave. I think that young Gaby has done wonderfully well.”

Gaby sums up, “I’m so proud to have reached my target, it’s been really tough but I was determined to support such a fantastic charity that has always been there for me…I want to help keep the Magpas Air Ambulance flying, so they can pretty much fly the hospital right to people in serious medical emergencies.”

Gaby’s dad, Jonathon Wells, adds “Gaby is already thinking of what challenge she can do next year for Magpas Air Ambulance – although I don’t think running will be a part of it! She really has done a good job and we’re immensely proud.”