When avid Peterborough United fans, teachers Paul and Emily Starr from Wellingborough, arrived at the Peterborough United vs Northampton match on the evening of the 18th October, neither of them could have prepared themselves for the events that followed.

At half time, 56 year old Dad Paul went to get his daughter Emily a coffee. Whilst he was gone, 23 year old Emily saw some sort of a commotion in the distance and realised that someone was being given CPR, but she couldn’t see who. When half time drew to a close and there was still no sign of Paul, Emily started to worry and tried to ring her dad on his mobile…22 attempts later and there was still no answer and no Paul. Emily remembers, “I had the sickest feeling in my stomach. I went to look for Dad and asked a steward, who was blocking off the bottom of the stairs, if he’d seen him. I described what my dad was wearing and the look in the steward’s eyes made me realise the person being given CPR was my Dad”.

Thanks to the crucial, lifesaving chain of care Paul was given on the night of the match, he has since made a brilliant recovery. Almost as soon as Paul went into cardiac arrest, an off-duty doctor appeared, followed by two first aiders, who all started performing CPR there and then. An EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew then stepped in and successfully resuscitated Paul. Subsequently, an enhanced doctor and paramedic medical team from Magpas Air Ambulance arrived and anesthetised Paul (giving him A&E level care there and then), before the Magpas team accompanied him to Peterborough City Hospital for ongoing treatment.

The 10th of December marked the a very poignant moment; a celebration of his Paul’s remarkable recovery! Paul, who has been supporting the POSH since he was 11, went to watch his first Peterborough United match since the fateful day of his cardiac arrest (it was also the last match before Christmas). Paul was joined by his wife Trudy and their daughter Emily, at the football ground, so that they could say a heartfelt, “Thank you” to as many of the individuals as possible who helped to save his life. Magpas Air Ambulance paramedic Dan Phillips, who was part of the Magpas medical team to be called to Paul’s aid on the night of 18th October, also drove over from Suffolk to be part of the emotional reunion. As well as meeting a couple of the Peterborough United players – Paul was given a seat in the Director’s Box to watch the match against Chesterfield.

His daughter Emily sums things up very eloquently by saying, “My dad and I are so close and have always done everything together, as we both share a love for sport. Dad has taken me to all the POSH games since I was 3 – and we’re a great team. I cannot begin to thank the medical staff at Peterborough United Football Club, the EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew, not forgetting an off duty doctor who also happened to be at the game called Tom – and of course the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team who were amazing! There are no words to sum up how emotional and tiring the past few months have been, but I fully appreciate the massive difference these people have made for my Dad. Please support Magpas Air Ambulance this Christmas and in 2017, you never know when you might need their expert help!”.