One morning, my wife Ruth and I went into town to do some shopping and came back home. I was watching TV when suddenly I went into cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, Ruth acted really quickly and dialled 999. She gave me CPR until the Emergency Services arrived. Magpas Air Ambulance were also called out to me. They provided me with advanced life support and enhanced, hospital level care. They put me in a medically induced coma to stabilise my condition, before taking me to hospital.

I can’t remember much about that day, but Ruth says she’ll never forget it! She says, “With the Magpas team there, I felt totally reassured that Peter would be ok. It could be a life or death situation without Magpas, they do one hell of a job!”.

Since 1st October 2015, Magpas now provides its lifesaving service 24/7. We are the first service of its kind to be doing this in the Eastern Region. Please support us here, your donations save lives: