When Nick Johnson’s family friend Jimmy had a cardiac arrest at work, Magpas Air Ambulance flew hospital level care to his side, airlifted him from Wisbech to Royal Papworth Hospital, and he’s since made a miraculous recovery.

Nick was so blown away by the advanced care the Magpas medical team provided Jimmy that he decided to take on a fundraising challenge for the charity that saved his friend’s life.

Nick explains, “Without Magpas Air Ambulance, Jimmy wouldn’t be here anymore. There would be a family out there with no husband and no father, and that really struck a chord for me, especially after losing my dad a couple of years ago. So I decided that if I could help Magpas Air Ambulance to keep more families together, then that’s what I would do.”

Nick, who’s not taken many challenges on outside of work before, had planned to tackle 2 x 10K runs and a 5K inflatable run to raise money for the charity; however the final 5K run had to be cancelled to comply with the current government guidelines.

Nick continues, “I needed to do something to complete that final challenge. People had sponsored me to do three challenges, or told me they’d donate once I’d completed all three, and I wasn’t about to let them – or Magpas Air Ambulance – down. I decided to cycle 47 miles on our home exercise bike instead, as that was the distance Jimmy was airlifted to hospital.”

“The furthest I’d cycled on the bike before was 18 miles, so I didn’t really know if I could do it, I just knew I had to. I set my pace, had a goal in mind and just kept peddling – in the end I completed the whole thing in 2 hours and 45 minutes!”

“I’ve always been a bit of a workaholic and all of my achievements have always been in work. After recently retiring I’d been losing my mind a bit not being able to fill my time with work and had been thinking about raising some money for charity. Following Jimmy’s incident, I knew I had to do my bit to help Magpas Air Ambulance.”

“I was buzzing after I completed the ride! Achieving something outside of a working environment was very new to me, but I’m so pleased I stepped outside of my comfort zone and gave it a go because it felt amazing – and I know I’ve done my bit to help save a life.”

“At this time, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and there’s always going to be excuses for you not to do something. But don’t sit at home waiting for something to happen, don’t wait for a personal tragedy before you get fundraising – do it now so Magpas Air Ambulance can be there if you or a loved one ever need them!”

“Not only does it get you moving, take your mind off everything that’s going on, break up the monotony and give you a real sense of achievement – but you will also have the knowledge that you’re helping a great cause and helping to save lives, what more motivation do you need?”

Nick’s next fundraising venture is to shave his head for Magpas Air Ambulance; you can support him on his Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nicholas-johnson6. Or take on your own challenge – we’d love to hear from you!