HELP Appeal CEO Robert Bertram presents cheque to Magpas Air Ambulance

Our lifesaving charity that flies hospital-level care to patients at the scene of their medical emergencies, has received a generous donation from the HELP Appeal to invest in cutting edge medical equipment.

Magpas Air Ambulance doctors and paramedics have the skills and kit to effectively bring a hospital A&E department to the scene of patients’ incidents. Whether they’re in the middle of a shopping centre, at the side of a road, in someone’s front room or isolated in a field, Magpas medics can provide treatments and procedures such as general anaesthetics and surgical interventions when time is of the essence; saving lives and reducing recovery times.

Magpas Air Ambulance pioneers outstanding patient care and one of the ways we continue to do that is by keeping up with the latest equipment innovations. On every shift, the medical team carry a ventilator with them, which has the functionality of a fully featured intensive care unit ventilator, with the compactness and robustness required for regular transport and use in often challenging environments. Recently, a new version of the Hamilton T1 Ventilator was identified as the best option for Magpas Air Ambulance patients and the charity has been able to purchase four, thanks to funding from the HELP Appeal.

The HELP Appeal is the only charity in the country that funds the development of helipads at Major Trauma Centres, key A&E hospitals and air ambulance bases. Following a significant donation of £300,000 in 2021 for Magpas Air Ambulance’s helipad at our new charity air base, which will begin construction this year, the HELP Appeal was keen to hear more about the charity’s equipment needs. After learning about the difference new Magpas Air Ambulance ventilators could make to patients across the region, the HELP Appeal donated a further £95,027 to Magpas Air Ambulance to fund this new lifesaving equipment.

The HELP Appeal’s Chief Executive, Robert Bertram, explains why it has provided extra funding: “We focus on saving lives, whether that’s funding NHS hospital helipads, critical care cars or in this case, state of the art ventilators. This new technology will be a game changer for Magpas patients across the East of England, so we didn’t hesitate to donate.”

Magpas Air Ambulance Clinical Operations Manager and Critical Care Paramedic, Andy Smith, explains “We’re so grateful to the HELP Appeal. Their support has been instrumental in our ability to upgrade our ventilators to the new version of the Hamilton T1s. The new models can be programmed to provide a patient with a set number of breaths per minute dependent on their physiology and volume required dependent upon age and size, it also has the capacity to provide Magpas Air Ambulance Consultants with access to the ventilator readings remotely  or in a hospital setting by accessing a mobile phone app. This will allow them to support Magpas Doctors and Paramedics with complex cases and difficult treatment decisions. These ventilators are the most advanced around utilising the latest clinical research to improve mechanical ventilation, they are compact, and have an intuitive design and functionality, making them easy to use and to transport in high pressured situations – ultimately helping us treat even more patients in life-threatening emergencies across the east of England.

“The ethos at Magpas Air Ambulance is to constantly learn and improve in order to save more lives. The upgraded ventilators will help us provide outstanding patient care and we’re so grateful to the HELP Appeal for their support.”

The Magpas Air Ambulance team treating a patient, using a Hamilton T1 ventilator