​In the spirit of ‘New Year, new you’ and taking on a fresh challenge Wayne Marshall really is leading the way in 2018. Wayne, 43, is an avid supporter of Magpas Air Ambulance and after his extremely successful event last year; he decided to make it bigger and better this January. On Saturday 20th at the George Campbell Leisure Centre in March, over 70 people were spinning for 12 hours straight. In teams they put all of the gym’s 45 spinning bikes to good use and raised well over £4,000 for Magpas Air Ambulance.

This event really was an example of communities coming together, and people from all walks of life took part for one common cause. Wayne is a Crew Commander for the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service based in March and has worked with the Magpas enhanced medical team at scenes of life-threatening emergencies. Sally Boor, a Critical Care Paramedic from Cambridgeshire who has worked at Magpas for a number of years, took part on the day and Chatteris based Sarah Crosbie, the wife of a man who was treated by Magpas Air Ambulance, also spun for the charity that saved her husband.

To keep everyone motivated and in good spirits while they were working hard, local businesses supported the event in various ways throughout the day, live DJ’s also provided music to spur people on from 6pm and some of the UK’s top spinning instructors made guest appearances and led the rides.

Wayne explained why he organised the event for his local air ambulance charity. “My motivation behind supporting Magpas Air Ambulance is simple. In the 15 years I have worked with them, I have attended many emergencies where we have needed the expert skills of the Magpas enhanced medical team. From road traffic collisions to lumberjacks with horrific chainsaw injuries, their lifesaving work is truly amazing.

“Having seen first-hand the difference Magpas Air Ambulance can make and the fact that the charity receives no state-funding is the reason I organised this event, and other fundraising events in the past, in aid of Magpas. I want to do my bit to keep this amazing, lifesaving service going, and would encourage others to do the same. You never know, you or your family may need Magpas Air Ambulance one day.”