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Christmas appeal 2018

Help keep the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team in the air and on the road this Christmas

For most families the festive period is about traditions, celebrations and most importantly spending it with the people you love. But four years ago Christmas was nearly a very different story for me and my family when Magpas Air Ambulance saved my son’s legs, and his life…

On a freezing December night, Josh was just 10 at the time when a car came speeding along and crashed into our little boy. My wife Sam and I saw the whole thing. It was like being in a real-life nightmare. One minute we were all so happy, the next Josh’s blood was all over the road and Sam was screaming his name. I lay beside Josh in the road with my arm round him trying to keep him warm, thinking ‘I need an angel’. And then they arrived. Magpas that is. I know that without them, our Josh might not be here. Magpas Critical Care Paramedic Keir and Doctor Nick worked on Josh on the road for half an hour, and then Keir stayed with Josh in the ambulance to Addenbrooke’s. Afterwards, one of the doctors at the hospital said to me that Magpas Air Ambulance had saved Josh’s legs.

I’m asking for your help today, to make a donation to Magpas Air Ambulance so they can be that angel for someone else’s family this Christmas.

I want to make a gift today

The festive period is no different from any other day for the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team. They’ll be there at the base all through Christmas. Whilst you and I are at home eating our dinner with family and friends, they’ll be ready and waiting for when an emergency call comes in. And the calls will come in – people needed their help 27 times over Christmas last year. Josh’s road to recovery certainly hasn’t been easy. He’s had 14 operations since that night, and had to learn to walk again. But he is walking again! It’s a miracle. As a family, we are so, so grateful to Keir, Nick, and the whole Magpas Air Ambulance team. If they weren’t around, life would be very different for Josh, and for us all.

I want to make a gift today

Please give a Christmas gift to Magpas Air Ambulance today. You honestly never know how much you need a service like theirs until you’re the one lying in the road hoping for a miracle.

I want to make a gift today

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Nick. Josh’s dad