On Monday 13th November, Magpas Air Ambulance former patient, 13 year old Josh Bright, won the Outstanding Young Person award at the Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence 2017.

Josh Bright is an inspiration and one of Magpas Air Ambulance’s youngest and most enthusiastic ambassadors. At just 12 years old, Josh has already accomplished and continues to achieve impressive results in aid of the charity. Josh has embarked on numerous fundraising ventures; each one more ambitious than the last. With endless energy and commitment, he has actively encouraged his entire family to get involved – when all the while he has been recovering from a life-changing incident that took place less than three years ago.

In December 2014, Josh, who was 10 at the time, was leaving an Indian restaurant after a lovely evening out with his parents. As the family were waiting to cross the road an out of control car careered into Josh, leaving him crushed between two vehicles and fighting for his life. Josh suffered critical injuries but the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team brought A&E level care to him, they sedated Josh at the scene of his incident and prepared him for theatre on the way to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. That night they saved not only Josh’s life, but his legs as well.

Since the incident, Josh’s ongoing treatment has taken up a major part of his life, but his positivity and maturity is nothing short of admirable. Whilst Josh was learning to walk again he felt inspired to fundraise for Magpas and give as much as he could back to the charity that saved his life. As soon as he was back on his feet (he can now run and cycle), there was no stopping him!

Josh and his family have taken part in netball tournaments, told their story in the Magpas Air Ambulance bi-annual raffle, appeared on live radio interviews to raise awareness of the charity and, most recently, took on a grueling 30.6 mile walk from the scene of his accident to Addenbrooke’s Hospital (where he was taken on the night and spent his time recovering) to raise money for Magpas.

The sheer amount Josh has done for Magpas Air Ambulance already is extraordinary. Considering Josh’s age and the fact that he’s still recovering from such an awful incident, it’s absolutely astonishing what he’s doing. He is an incredible young boy, making a huge difference for the charity and helping to save lives in his local community.

We couldn’t think of a more deserving winner. Congratulations, Josh!