Volunteers, supporters, and bags, at the Magpas Air Ambulance unclaimed luggage auction

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In light of recent events, this event has been postponed until further noticed. Please find the latest from Magpas Air Ambulance here https://magpas.org.uk/covid19/


Support your local Air Ambulance charity and bag a bargain at our Ely unclaimed luggage auction! Hundreds of bags, big and small, will be up for grabs, so come along and find some hidden treasures.

Celebrity auctioneer David Palmer from TV shows Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Cash in the Attic will be auctioning all lots on the day. Bids will start at £10. Cash and card payments accepted.

All funds raised from winning bids will go to help our lifesaving cause and will enable us to continue to provide lifesaving care by land and air to the most critically injured and seriously ill people around the region whenever they may need us.

What’s in the bags?

Unclaimed bags from all over Europe will be up for auction. At a recent auction, winning bidders went away with brand new Nike trainers, brand new designer goods with the tags still on, designer sunglasses, an Apple Watch, some Beats headphones, and more!

People from all walks of life travel through Europe’s airports and you never know what they’ll have in their cases. Some of these cases don’t find their way back to their owners. Will you be the lucky bidder on someone’s bag after a shopping trip to Milan or Paris? Will you land some new snowboarding gear after someone’s trip to the Alps? Maybe a new guitar from someone busking in Berlin? Or will it just be someone’s dirty laundry?

“The ‘blind’ bidding is all part of the fun and it’s all for a great cause! I had a great time, picked up a couple of bargains, and helped support a brilliant local charity and their lifesaving cause. Thanks Magpas!” said one attendee at one of last year’s auctions.

On the day

People of all ages are welcome at our Magpas Unclaimed Luggage Auctions. The event is completely free to attend. Doors open at 11:00am and the auction itself will begin at noon. Be sure to get down there early to eye up the bags, work out what you’d like to bid on, and secure yourself a prime seat. There will be a cafe area where light refreshments will be served.

Please contact Annette for further information.


Coming up in 2020…

More information about these upcoming charity luggage auctions will be released closer to the time and we’ll share that with you on this page if you check back. Or you can sign up to our special Unclaimed Luggage Auction mailing list here


Please note that this venue will have a maximum number of guests allowed. Should we have reached this number, where possible we will stagger further entry as and when people leave. You are very welcome to remain queuing outside although we cannot guarantee entry nor when this may be. Should you wish to try again on another day, please see our website for further auction dates and venues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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