Fay from Houghton is a married mum of two – she works part time for BT as an HR Manager. So why does she volunteer with Magpas Air Ambulance? Read on…

“Life is fairly hectic with work, home-life, family and friends, so I try to make sure I have some time in the week to do something for me. Volunteering for Magpas is that ‘me’ time.”

“My children are growing up fast and needing me less and less so I decided, rather than go back to work full-time, I would do something else with my day off.”

“I wanted to do something really worthwhile, where I felt I could make a difference to people’s lives – I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true! I saw an advert for office based volunteers at Magpas Air Ambulance and it was the flexibility of the role that really appealed.”

“I mainly support the fundraising team with office, admin and database work. I’ve been updating the database with information from charity donors and logging the amounts collected via collection tins. I have also covered reception which was fun. I loved answering the phone saying, “Good morning Magpas Air Ambulance, how may I help you?!” I felt really important!”

“I get so much out of being with the team each week, and I can see the work I do makes a real difference with helping Magpas Air Ambulance operate successfully. I usually work from home, so having the opportunity to be in an office with a friendly bunch makes a welcome change to my normal routine.”

“I visited the base where the medics are dispatched from when someone needs them. The team were called out when we were there and I saw them take off in the helicopter to potentially save someone’s life – what more motivation do you need to volunteer for such a charity? If you’re looking for something worthwhile to do and can spare even a few hours a week, Magpas Air Ambulance are a fantastic charity that rely on volunteers to continue the great work they do. I promise, you won’t regret it!”

As a volunteer at Magpas Air Ambulance, any time you can donate will help us save lives 24/7. If Fay has inspired you to start volunteering, find out more about how you could help at https://magpas.org.uk/support-us/volunteering-opportunities/