“After spending time in hospital, I started to appreciate life more and wanted to do something worthwhile with my time. Volunteering with Magpas Air Ambulance gave me something to get out of bed for.”

60 year old lorry driver, David from Wyton in Cambridgeshire, was on one of his overnight journeys when he suffered a heart attack. He ended up having four stents fitted and spent over 6 weeks in hospital. Once home, he was only allowed to do very light exercise. It was on one of his prescribed daily walks that he discovered Magpas Air Ambulance.

“It was pure fluke; I was walking through Huntingdon and noticed a bunch of people supporting Magpas in the town centre. It turns out that it was Orange Day – one of Magpas’ biggest events. I got talking to some of the staff and volunteers and was completely blown away.”

“I became an events volunteer as soon as I could, raising money and awareness for this amazing charity that does such vital work in the area. It was a lot of fun and really helped with my recovery.”

“I’m back at work now, so can’t volunteer as much as I used to, but I always give my time when I can and even got my company supporting them. Being in the haulage industry, I’m on the road about 70 hours a week and I see how often air ambulances are called out. It’s such a comfort to know Magpas Air Ambulance are there if we ever need them.”

“Not only have I helped a local lifesaving charity, but I’ve met some amazing people. Everyone’s so passionate about the cause and it’s the people you’re with that make volunteering what it is. Volunteering with Magpas Air Ambulance gave me something to get out of bed for.”

As a volunteer at Magpas Air Ambulance, any time you can donate will help us keep our lifesaving service running 24/7. If David has inspired you to volunteer with us, head to https://magpas.org.uk/support-us/volunteering-opportunities/ to find out more.