33 year old Chris has been a volunteer with Magpas Air Ambulance for 3 years now. When talking about why he wanted to volunteer Chris said ‘To give something back. Without people offering their time and volunteering, charities can’t do what they do – or at least, can’t do it as quickly as they need to.”

“I was just looking online at potential volunteering opportunities when I came across Magpas Air Ambulance. I wanted to volunteer for a local charity as it is much easier to handle on top of work and a young son and they actually make a difference in my area.

“As a Magpas volunteer I go to lots of their events and talks on behalf of them. I’m not afraid of going out and talking to people and I know I need to promote Magpas Air Ambulance and the lifesaving work they do. So many people don’t know that Magpas is a charity, so they really need volunteers to go out there and spread the word.

“I live in Papworth, so I see the Magpas Air Ambulance and the medical team land in my village regularly. I’ve even been known to go down with a flask of tea for them! Every time I see the helicopter it makes me happy, as I know I’m helping them to do what they do in my own way. It also sets a good example to my son and that’s a really good thing, being a positive role model.

“I think my favourite thing about volunteering with Magpas Air Ambulance has to be all the people you meet. Us volunteers, we’re like a little community that has been knitted together. I’ve made some really good friends, have learnt new skills from them and raised lots of money for a worthy charity in the process. What more could you want?”

As a volunteer at Magpas Air Ambulance, any time you can donate will help us save lives 24/7. If Chris has inspired you to start volunteering, register your interest in volunteering below or find out more about how you could help at