It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you truly put your mind to it and one Cambridgeshire man has certainly made this his ethos. Wayne Marshall is encouraging as many local people as possible, to set themselves a feel-good personal challenge; one that pushes their boundaries and takes them further, at a faster pace, leaving them feeling even greater about themselves as a result!

Wayne, who’s in his mid-40’s, works as a Crew Commander for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, based in March. Not only does he keep fit in his spare time by signing up to a range of high intensity, multi-discipline races like triathlons, Insane Terrain and IRONMAN; but he also invites members of the community to ‘get on their bike’ and take part in charity Spin-a-thons. Wayne explains why, “In the 16 years I’ve worked with the Fire & Rescue Service, I’ve attended many emergencies where we have needed the expert skills of the Magpas Air Ambulance. From road traffic collisions to a tree surgeon who suffered horrific injuries during an chainsaw accident, the lifesaving work of the Magpas doctors and paramedics is truly amazing to see.”

With local businesses and high profile instructors showing their support, Wayne has helped to organise Sunset, 12 hour and 24 hour spinning classes (to name a few) and promises to keep on doing so. Wayne says, “It is simply amazing to see the community come together to back such a worthy cause. Then there’s the feedback we’ve received after these events with lots of people urging us to do it all over again!”

Having raised an impressive £20,000, Wayne wants to truly inspire others to take up a challenge of their own and help fundraise, “I want to do my bit to keep this amazing, lifesaving service going – and I would really encourage others to do the same. They can make a real difference for themselves as well as fundraising for the charity. You never know – you or your family may need Magpas Air Ambulance one day.”

This charity need an extra £50,000 a month to keep our air ambulance flying. To read more about how you can go #FurtherFasterGreater and show your support, please click here: