Laura and her horse, Amber

Last August, Laura was cross-country training on her horse, Amber, when they tripped and fell following a jump.

Fortunately, Amber was fine, but Laura explains, “I instinctively put my arm out to break my fall and remember hearing my bones snap as I hit the ground. I knew how serious it was when I looked down and could see the bones from my forearm sticking out.

“I asked my friend to cover up my arm and help get me in the recovery position as I felt like I was going to pass out. Despite being in so much pain, I stayed very calm—it’s strange how survival mode kicks in!”

As Laura was in such a remote location, Magpas Air Ambulance was the first emergency service to reach her, closely followed by a team from the East of England Ambulance Service Trust.

Magpas Doctor Paddy and Critical Care Paramedic Dan assessed Laura and immediately knew they needed to straighten her arm, something they can only do due to their expertise and ability to carry advanced drugs and equipment. They sedated Laura and realigned the bones in her arm in the middle of a field.

Laura recalls, “Dan and Paddy were incredible. They were so calm and took control of a very stressful situation—I instantly trusted them wholeheartedly. They talked me through everything they needed to do… And then the good stuff kicked in!” she laughs. “As they were administering the medicine I needed I remember Dan asking me what my happy place was, and I replied ‘on a horse!’ which had everyone laughing. That was the last thing I remember before being stretchered into the back of the helicopter.”

Laura was airlifted to Peterborough City Hospital, where she spent 10 days as the team there continued her care; cleaning her open arm multiple times to avoid infection and inserting two plates before going home. Laura says, “The team at Peterborough Hospital really looked after me in what was a scary time. And although my recovery is still ongoing, I’ve already been back to my happy place: with my horse, Amber. She’s been a great help in my mental recovery while I continue my physical one.”

Laura sums up, “People don’t realise how important the service Magpas Air Ambulance provides is until you need them. What happened to me was an accident that could happen at any time. I can never thank Magpas Air Ambulance enough for everything they did for me— and all the supporters who allow them to be there for people 24/7. Dr Paddy and CCP Dan really are my heroes!”

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