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RTC in Alconbury- Magpas Helimedix attend


RTC in Alconbury- Magpas Helimedix attend

At 8pm last night (17th July) Magpas Helimedix (Dr Nick Foster and Paramedic Jo Lambert) arrived in Alconbury via the Magpas Rapid Response – after a lorry and a car were involved in an RTC.

When the Helimedix team arrived there was one patient trapped in the car (male in his 40s). The Helimedix team assessed the patient and worked alongside the Fire and Ambulance Service to free him from the vehicle. The Helimedix team administered pain relief and then they took the patient by land ambulance to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. On arrival the patient was in a stable condition.

This is all the information we have at present.


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