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Peterborough, pedestrian vs lorry – Magpas Air Ambulance called to the scene

At 9.40pm last night (14th), Magpas Doctor Saad Jawaid and Paramedic Dan Read arrived in Peterborough via a rapid response vehicle. They had been called by EEAST Ambulance Service to treat a man injured in a collision with a lorry.

The Magpas enhanced medical team assessed the man (in his 50s) who had sustained an arm injury. They sedated him at the scene (providing him with A&E level care) in order to protect his injuries. They then accompanied him by land ambulance to Peterborough City Hospital. He was in a stable condition upon arrival at hospital.

Cambridgeshire Police and an EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew were also in attendance.

We have no further information.

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