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Northampton, car vs tree – Magpas called to scene

Northampton, car vs tree – Magpas called to scene

At 3.02am this morning (22nd), Magpas Doctor Dave Leverton and Paramedic Chris Hawkins arrived in the Northampton area via the Magpas Rapid Response BMW – following a road traffic incident where a car collided with a tree.

The Magpas team assessed a woman (in her 30’s) who had suffered a serious leg injury. The Magpas Doctor and Paramedic sedated the patient (providing her with specialist A&E care), before safely removing her from the vehicle. The Magpas team then accompanied the woman to Northampton General Hospital by land ambulance, where on arrival she was in a stable condition.

East Midlands Ambulance Service Paramedic Crews, Fire and Rescue Services, and the Police were also on the scene.

This is all the information we have.

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