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March, car vs lorry – 2x Magpas Air Ambulance teams called to scene

At 7:07am this morning (2nd) Magpas Doctor Scott Castell and Paramedic Andy Ormiston arrived in March via a Magpas Air Ambulance rapid response vehicle. They had been called to a serious collision between a lorry and a car. Upon arrival, the doctor-paramedic team assessed two patients who had sustained serious injuries and both required hospital-level care, so they called the Magpas Air Ambulance day team to the scene for further assistance. The second Magpas team, made up of Doctor Charlotte Haldane and Paramedic Dan Read arrived at 7:36am via the second Magpas Air Ambulance rapid response vehicle.

The two Magpas enhanced medical teams assessed the two patients (males in their 30’s) who had sustained multiple, serious injuries. Each team treated one patient, placing both men into medical induced comas at the scene (providing them with A&E level care), before accompanying both patients to Addenbrooke’s Hospital via land ambulances. Both men were in critical conditions upon arrival.

EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crews, Cambridgeshire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service were also in attendance.

We have no further information.

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