Despite having two metal plates and 11 screws literally holding her ankle together, Magpas Air Ambulance patient Cat Elliott took on her second London Marathon on Sunday (22nd).

Cat was 39 when a severe fall from a racehorse in 2014 left her with a shattered, fractured, acutely dislocated right ankle and a foot so badly bent, it was cutting off her circulation. She explains “I urgently required specialist medical treatment at the scene; otherwise I could have sustained serious permanent damage to my leg and may not have been able to walk unaided again – Magpas Air Ambulance flew to me and provided that care there and then.”

Soon after being released from hospital, Cat applied for a place in the London Marathon 2015 and later secured her position – just 3 months after having the all clear to walk unaided again.

Cat remembers, “The first London Marathon was really tough, but as time goes on you forget about the pain and convince yourself that a second attempt is a good idea. As I had been lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on how you look at it) to secure another free space in 2018’s London Marathon, I thought it would be silly not to do it again. Plus, it was another opportunity to raise money for Magpas Air Ambulance.”

“I still have problems with my ankle. The plates and screws are very sensitive and even the slightest touch or knock against something can cause pain. I also have to do regular stretches in order to get as much mobility in my ankle as possible and wore an ankle support on the day.” However despite all that, Cat completed the 26.2mile run in an incredible 5:57 hours!

Cat says, “Magpas Air Ambulance flew to me in my hour of need and it was only recently that I became aware of exactly how life changing my accident could have been. I would encourage everyone to support this charity – They receive no government funding, the critical care that is provided should not be taken for granted and people should be aware that this service can only continue with kind public donations.”

Cat riding a racehorse before the incident

An x-ray of the plates and screws now in Cat’s ankle

Cat, after completing her 2nd London Marathon