As a charity, Magpas Air Ambulance can only continue saving lives in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and beyond, thanks to support and generous donations from the communities within which we work.

Helping to keep our air ambulance flying, our rapid response vehicles on the road and our team of clinicians providing critical care to patients 24/7, is NFU Mutual (The National Farmers’ Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited).

NFU Mutual pledged to give £1.92million to local front-line charities through its Agency Giving Fund, which was launched in 2020 in response to the pandemic. To ensure these donations reach all corners of the UK and are directed where they are needed most, NFU Mutual’s Agency and branch offices, with 300 locations nationwide, nominate local charities to receive a share of the fund. When the Huntingdon branch—which sees the Magpas Air Ambulance helicopter fly over regularly—was asked to choose its beneficiary charity, it was a unanimous office decision!

Agent Kerri Scotting and Office Manager Heidi Pitt visited the Magpas Air Ambulance operations base last week to present NFU Mutual’s Huntingdon branch cheque for £6,379. They explained, “It was such an insightful and interesting visit. The crew and charity team were so friendly and welcoming, and it was fascinating to hear about the work everyone puts in to keep the fantastic charity operating.

“Magpas Air Ambulance is a charity that attends medical emergencies, road traffic accidents and life-threatening emergencies, and relies on public donations to be able to continue saving lives; it was because of this that we wanted to support Magpas Air Ambulance as our local charity this year.”

Debbie Florence, Magpas Air Ambulance Supporter Care Officer, who met the NFU Mutual team on the day said, “When I first got the phone call to say we were being considered as the beneficiary charity it was very exciting, and I was over the moon to hear the office then unanimously voted for Magpas Air Ambulance to receive this donation! It was such a pleasure to meet both Heidi and Kerri at our operations base and tell them all about the huge difference this money will make to Magpas Air Ambulance. We are so very grateful, for not only their very generous donation but also their amazing support—thank you all!”

Inspired by NFU Mutual’s generosity? There are so many ways your business can get involved and support Magpas Air Ambulance—from charity of the year partnerships, to getting your hands on a ‘Cuppa and Cake’ or ‘Mega Magpas Quiz’ pack, or even taking on one of our adrenaline-pumping challenges or treks as a team. For more information and to find out about all the initiatives we offer, just get in touch with our fundraising team.