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Enjoy a Cuppa & cake for Magpas Air Ambulance!

Treat yourself in 2021 with a nice cuppa, some great cake and even better company – better yet, you’ll be helping us save lives in your community at the same time!

Whether it’s virtual or in person, an excuse to catch up with friends and family or you even turn it into your very own Great British Bake Off competition, we have everything you need to make your Cuppa & Cake event a success!

From invites and bunting to cake toppers and even a carrot cake recipe, just fill in the form below to download your FREE Cuppa & cake pack today!

All we ask in return is you make a donation to our lifesaving cause. We can’t continue to provide the region with lifesaving care without your support, so enjoy a Cuppa & cake for Magpas Air Ambulance – and encourage your friends to do the same – to help keep us flying. Any donation, no matter how big or small, could help save a life.

Enter your details to get your FREE Cuppa & cake Pack

Once you’ve held your Cuppa & Cake event, don’t forget to donate the funds raised to Magpas Air Ambulance! We’ve made a quick and easy guide on all the ways you can do this – just pick the one that works for you!

Alternatively, just click on the button below and let us know the money was raised from your Cuppa and Cake event in the comments section. Thank you!