At the end of October, the Magpas Fundraising HQ in Huntingdon saw over 300 people from across the region arrive, in a bid to bag themselves a bargain!

The office opened its doors to a teeming queue of punters, who were all ready for Magpas’s first Unclaimed Luggage sale. The crowd spilled into the charity headquarters to get their hands on one of 130 different bags, all of which had been donated by Stansted Airport, after holiday-makers had failed to pick them up at the end of their travels.

The added mystery was that participants weren’t allowed to look inside the luggage before purchasingthey could only pick up and feel the bags. But this didn’t seem to put people off, as within an hour all the bags had been sold!

The luggage contained a huge variety of contents, some more exciting than others. A bald man (with a great sense of humour) discovered hair straighteners and a pink hair dryer in his luggage. However, the weirdest luggage of the day had to be the bag containing a drill, a pair of flip flops, a scanner, twenty chocolate bars, and a pair of very nice boots which are now selling on eBay for £150!

In total the sale of the bags came to a fantastic £829. On top of this, £377.73 was raised through the charity shop which had opened up on a Saturday especially for the event, bringing the grand total from the day to £1206.73.

Wendy Mason, Magpas former patient and event organiser said, “It was an amazing event and a huge success. All I could say was ‘wow’ after seeing how many people were queueing outside the doors! Watch this space for the next Magpas Unclaimed Luggage event!”

Magpas would like to thank everyone involved, especially Sarah and Scott at Stansted Airport who donated the luggage, and also to Miramar Engineering for picking up and storing the bags.