28 year old Chris Inns from Bedford suffered potentially fatal injuries when he was involved in a serious motorbike and car collision in October 2012. The impact of the incident threw Chris up in the air, landing some distance down the road, where he suffered skull, neck and pelvic fractures along with severe leg, arm and hand injuries. Magpas Air Ambulance were called to Chris and gave him the hospital level care he needed at the roadside.

Chris has made a fantastic recovery. He’s a team leader and outreach support worker based in Hertfordshire. Chris says, “Five years on and I still feel incredibly grateful. Thanks to their specialist early intervention, Magpas Air Ambulance not only saved my life, they gave me the chance to live in the way I wanted to. I have since become a new Dad and have got back to working in an industry that I like – none of that would have been possible without Magpas Air Ambulance.”

Chris with Magpas Dr Simon Lewis