Rowhi Nemer, the Managing Director of popular Cambridge taxi firm CamCab, has always been whole-heartedly committed to supporting local causes.

8 years ago, Rowhi and his family visited the Magpas Air Ambulance operations base. They met the advanced medical team and learnt more about the Cambridgeshire based charity that brings vital, lifesaving care to people across the region. Following the visit, Rowhi was so inspired by Magpas Air Ambulance that he felt compelled to support the cause in his own unique way.

When the Magpas doctors and critical care paramedics are with a patient, all they focus on is giving that person the best possible care at the scene and taking them to the right hospital for that care to continue. Therefore it’s not uncommon for their 12 hour shifts to overrun by several hours, in which case they need to find another way to travel back to the Magpas Air Ambulance operations base. Hence, Rowhi very kindly set up a special account with CamCab where the medical team can get a taxi back to the base from hospitals across Cambridgeshire and beyond for free – and that’s how it’s remained ever since.

Rowhi Nemer explains, “I’ve always filled my time with work – ever since I was a child! But I’m also always looking for ways I can use what I do for good; something I think all local businesses should be doing. CamCab have been picking up the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team and driving them back to their operations base free of charge for 8 years now. I’ve also supported them with a charity dinner, provided the medical team with free bottled water and we’re even hoping to get our ice cream van to some of their events too.”

Over the years CamCab have saved the charity over £5,000 in taxi fares and travelled to hospitals as far as Northampton, Hertfordshire and even Norfolk to collect the Magpas Air Ambulance clinicians. Recently, Rowhi, alongside some of the CambCab team, visited the operations base again to see how the lifesaving charity has progressed since his last visit and hear about the difference he has helped to make.

Natalie Church, Director of Operations at Magpas Air Ambulance sums up, “We couldn’t be more grateful for Rowhi’s unwavering support. All of our medics know they can call upon CamCab at any time and the service they provide has been a true lifeline for our medical team over the years.”