Meet Magpas Helimedix former patient Brandon Gravett. 

Magpas Helimedix, Dr Simon Lewis and Paramedic Dan Read, flew to Brandon when he was 11 years old. Brandon suffered life threatening injuries after his first day at school, when he was hit by a bus.

This video tells his story:

Brandon’s film highlights the crucial, lifesaving difference Magpas Helimedix can make, as we bring A&E care by land and by air to patients suffering from acute illnesses or injuries, in the East of England and beyond.

The Helimedix can start treatment straight away, thus saving more lives and reducing the effect of head and other severe injuries. Serious incidents can happen anywhere; at the roadside, in town centres, at sporting events, in remote locations, at the water’s edge, in the school playground or even in someone’s home.

Supporting the Ambulance Service, our prime goal is not only to save lives, but for our patients to recover more quickly, spend less time in hospital and return to a decent quality of life with their loved ones.

We would like to thank our videography sponsor Andy Wilkinson, from Shooting Image Ltd., for giving many hours of his free time to make this powerful Magpas video (amongst others). For more information on what Andy does, please log onto: