When young Bradley Spanton from Sawtry suffered a life threatening seizure in the spring of this year, it was a horrific shock for him and his family. As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, the seizure struck Bradley on 22nd April which was his eighth birthday. His family had planned a special birthday surprise for him, which ended up being a write-off with an emergency medical trip to Peterborough City Hospital instead.

Bradley, who has also been living with an artificial heart valve and a pace maker since he was a baby, is well aware of the limitations of having a heart condition and has learned to live as normal a life as possible. Unfortunately though, the seizure back in April didn’t turn out to be a one off episode and Bradley has since been diagnosed with epilepsy. This recent news has really affected his confidence levels, with him being afraid to go outside at school playtime and he’s started to question everything he does. However, his family and school have worked with Magpas to come up with a cunning plan so he could finally celebrate his birthday in style.

Back in April when young Bradley experienced his first epileptic episode in Sawtry, he needed specialist help there and then and so a Magpas Helimedix team was called out to him. The Doctor and Paramedic went on to provide Bradley with expert care before taking him to hospital by road (monitoring his condition all the way). When Bradley woke up in hospital later that day, he knew there was a big surprise lined up for his birthday (which was actually a pet rabbit). When Bradley came round to full consciousness, the first words he uttered were, “Was the helicopter my birthday surprise?”. He was extremely disappointed he didn’t get the chance to see inside the helicopter and kept mentioning this to his Dad Charlie and partner Zoe.

On the morning of Wednesday 10th June, Bradley was in the school classroom with his fellow 29 school mates (in the Picasso Class), when at 11am there was a surprise knock at the door courtesy of Magpas Dr Tom Odbert (who flew to Bradley in April). Tom introduced himself and invited Bradley for a VIP guided tour of the Magpas helicopter (along with a birthday cake, balloons, streamers and all the celebratory trimmings). Dad Charlie says, “we were so excited for Bradley, he had absolutely no idea this was going to happen. When Magpas Dr Tom appeared at the classroom door, Bradley’s eyes lit up! The last few months have really knocked him for six, so today has really given him a brilliant boost of confidence”.

Charlie went on to say, “As soon as Bradley saw the helicopter, he jumped in and loved every second of his belated birthday present. Meeting the Magpas specialist medics today and seeing how everything operates really brings home how they bring the trauma centre to a patient who’s really sick. I’ll never forget that day, when they just flew to Bradley and saved the situation – we’re so, so grateful”.

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