Magpas Air Ambulance Clinical Operations Manager and Critical Care Paramedic Andy Smith has always had a passion for helping those in desperate need.

Andy explains, “I was in the Royal Air Force for 34 years as a paramedic on the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT).  I always wanted to be on the front line, treating and evacuating those most in need of help on the battlefield. I became one of the paramedics in the back of the chinook or helicopter and served in Afghanistan on MERT five times, as well as Bosnia and both Gulf Wars.

“After three years in the United Kingdom Special Forces Medical Group I became the inaugural Defence Specialist Advisor for Paramedics. This involved managing all Her Majesty’s Forces paramedics and advising the Surgeon General on policies, strategic decisions and writing lots of development papers!

“I was first introduced to Magpas Air Ambulance by two of the charity’s medics I knew through the military. I completed my Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine training with Magpas in 2013 and started volunteering as a Critical Care Paramedic. Later, when a fulltime position came up, I jumped at the chance and applied.

“Now, forming part of the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team, comprised of a specialist doctor and critical care paramedic; I work at least one clinical shift a week. Alongside this, I’m also Magpas’ Clinical Operations Manager. I look after the day-to-day operations, development of Standard Operating Procedures for staff, the air ambulance and clinical equipment in the response bags. I also chair the Operational Management meetings and sit on the Clinical Governance Committee.

“I’m very busy, but I really enjoy what I do; doing this job is my way of doing something for other people and giving back to those who need it most.

“For me, Magpas Air Ambulances’ greatest strength is the continuous education and training for staff. We’re always making sure our patients come first and receive the highest standard of care, but we couldn’t make such a difference without your continued support, and for that I want to thank you.”

Magpas Air Ambulance receives no regular state funding. We can only keep training new members of our advanced medical team to provide urgent lifesaving care by land and air, 24/7, across the communities we serve thanks to your generous donations.

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