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18 year old Alice was given the chance to fight for life – and won!

“I can still remember hearing the machines beeping and being so worried that at any second they could walk out of our kitchen and say she wasn’t alive anymore.”  – (Alice’s Dad, James)

Alice in November 2018 - before her incident
Alice in critical care at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Alice celebrates her 19th birthday in style
One year on: Alice and her family with the EEAST Ambulance Service paramedics and Magpas Air Ambulance doctor and critical care paramedic who helped save her life

It was the middle of the night when 18 year old Alice’s life was suddenly turned upside down.

Alice had stopped breathing.  Her dad, James, describes, “It all happened so fast. The paramedics from the East of England ambulance service (EEAST) were with us within minutes, shortly followed by Magpas Air Ambulance”. The EEAST paramedics did an incredible job of restarting Alice’s heart, but following her second cardiac arrest Magpas Air Ambulance had to utilise their advanced medical skills. In the kitchen of her home in Godmanchester, they placed Alice under general anaesthetic and performed surgical procedures to take over her breathing and try to stabilise her condition (treatments usually only available in a hospital). One of which involved making a small incision in the side of Alice’s chest; it was at this point that Magpas Critical Care Paramedic Dan, with his extensive knowledge and experience; recognised that something was seriously wrong.

It transpired Alice had a tumour in her chest cavity that had grown so big it had blocked her airway and crushed her lung. Alice went straight in for surgery and spent the next few months undergoing  cancer treatment for the Lymphoma she was diagnosed with.

Thanks to the immediate response of EEAST, the knowledge and expert care Magpas Air Ambulance – and then The Royal Papworth and Addenbrooke’s hospitals – provided, Alice has made a near full recovery. She continues, “I’m now in remission – and considering everything I’ve been through though I’m doing really well! I’m about to sit the last of my A-levels and hoping to go to Birmingham University later this year.”

Alice and Dad James met the group of people who epitomised the word ‘teamwork’ on the night of Alice’s respiratory arrest and who saved her life: EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew, Adam Bright, Napoleon Georgoulias and Charlie Harris, alongside the Magpas Air Ambulance enhanced medics, Doctor Rupert Hurry and Critical Care Paramedic Dan Read.

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